Dippity Do Dah, Dippity Dye!

Dip Dying Your Way to new Fashion Heights!

My oh my what a fabulous eye! Okay, that was very corny, but look at what’s up today!!! Martha Stewart is one of my favourite daily newsletters to date – her staff of crafters are incredibly crafty and modern, they always make crafting look good, easy and fun! And such is with this fabulous dip-dying technique with T-shirts and otehr items you wish to change or modernize!

All you need is a large plastic storage bin or galvanized-steel bin, wooden stir stick, an all-purpose liquid dye, a sample fabric or paper towel, box of sewing pins, and Synthrapol detergent (optional).

Items for dying can range from t-shirts, skirts, to pillow covers to blankets or even make some really funky cocktail napkins – they’re always a hit! Shop from The Gap, H&M, M&S (UK), or even American Apparel to find some reasonably priced white or cream clothing to start with and move onto more difficult items. The list is endless!


Happy dipping!

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