Los Milagros Santos – Commission Possible for CT Challenge/The Cancer Survivorship Center



Window at Max's Art Store in Westport, CT - we are on the left!

Well, I never thought I may even be the first Commission Possible’ from The Pink Pom-Pom Project – but I am!!!!

Two years ago, when we were putting The Pink Pom-Pom Project (PPPP) together in London, Shelton, my partner in crime at the time, and I tried out many fun and new interactive ideas to establish programs within The PPPP. Out of over 20 ideas, only 4 (now 5) stuck and grew. They are as follows:

Stitch&Bitch Newcomer!

1 – Stitch&Bitch (S&B): Events sponsored by The PPPP which are Needlework sessions including needlework projects, cancer survivors, friends, family and The PPPP always provides a Coach to assist in needlework issues or even to teach Newcomers how to knit, crochet, sew, etc…From these sessions, we ask our guests, many from The CT Challenge Cancer Survivorship Center in Southport, CT, to provide at least one handmade ‘square’ whether it’s knitted, crocheted, or even 4 fabric squares together for our next program called…

First VOTY Winner - Carol from The Macmillan Cancer Support Center, London

2 – The V. O. T. Y. Quilt: VOTY stands for Volunteer Of The Year. Handmade or hand sewn squares are made by our S&B guests; Girl Scout Troops ages 6 to 12 years; The Cardinal Shehan Center inner-city youth children ages 5 to 13 years; and our staff. They are then put together to make a quilt. The quilt is then professionally finished, cleaned, wrapped and given to a ‘Volunteer of the Year’ from one of the organizations we are involved with.  Our first ever VOTY Quilt will be donated to the CT Challenge/Cancer Survivorship Center in Southport, CT. Their Program Director, Tamara Deyle, will discuss with staff and Heads who is worthy of this fabulous gift. It’s our of giving back to the Community in a positive way!

The PPPP Party Boxes at Osborn Hill School

3 – The Pink Pom-Pom Project Party Boxes (P5): These are crafting boxes for off-site events. Because we are limited in space within a little square store and the crafting area – we can only seat up yo 14 kids/10 adults – for any group(s) over those numbers, we must go to them. One craft goes back to The PPPP and two stay with each child.


GS Patches and Cookies by Hinkle's Twinkles

4 – GS Patch: We discovered quickly how much kids love to come to The PPPP – especially the Girl Scouts of Connecticut – and craft from scratch creating two of our most popular crafts: Lavender Sachets and Quilting Squares. The idea is each child attending the events gets to learn a new craft, i.e. The Lavender Sachet, and make at least one for a cancer survivor and one for themselves. They then get a whole different craft, i.e. Glitterbug frames, for themselves to take home too. Because we have had so many Girl Scouts crafting in the store, we decided to make a PPPP patch for their own sashes. It is our way of saying thank you and recognizing their efforts within the community.

Los Milagros Santos

And 5 – Commission Possible: This is one of my favorites! This is where The PPPP really gets creative and searches out to commission a local artist, jeweler, crafter (you name it, we’ll ask!) for a special piece to be donated for fundraising purposes. It may be one exclusive item or 1000, anything to help make money and awareness! We pay for the art and donate it through donations and monies earned through a little square store and website.

So, the piece of art I donated is called ‘Los Milagros Santos’ and is made from a multitude of materials such as mirrored glass tiles, silk fabric, metals, paint, and wood. Allproceeds go directly to support The CT Challenge/Cancer Survivorship Center in Southport, CT. The price is $495.00 and can be seen in the window at Max’s Art Store at 68 Post Road East, Westport, CT.

We are forever grateful for everyone involved with The Pink Pom-Pom Project and cannot wait to spread the good word and deeds! Please support us and the other organizations we work with, they are follows:

CT Challenge Cancer Survivorship Center, Southport CT: http://www.ctchallenge.org

The Cardinal Shehan Center, Bridgeport, CT: http://www.shehancenter.org

The Girl Scouts of Connecticut: http://www.gsofct.org 

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