Dar Es Salaam: Harbor Of Peace

Dar Es Salaam - Harbor Of Peace

Day 2 on Tanzania Trek:

After a sleepless night suffering from too much excitement, fear or jetlag, I headed down to the Spa for a complete body rub down. Something I have needed for some time. I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off, not taking care of myself, and doing so much for others, I forgot about Me.

When I finally woke up with the sound of my wake-up call, I looked out over the beautifully sun drenched harbor, Dar Es Salaam. It means ‘Harbor Of Peace’ in Arabic and it’s located in the largest port of East Africa. The official languages spoken in Tanzania are Swahilli and English – something my daughter reminded me of when I left! Watching the ships at port, crains swooping their cargo up and down, it’s fascinating! All the while in my side vision, I watch suited Security guards up and down the pathways of the hotel.

Hmmmmm…that’s strange…there was one on our floor when I walked to my room last night as well as when I went to the Spa this morning. In fact, they are everywhere. So my plan for today is to rest and relax, no pressure to go sightseeing. Although some might think I am fearless, on the contrary, when it comes to developing worlds I take my safety incredibly serious.

We are venturing out to Morogoro with the Room To Read team tomorrow and eventually heading to Zanzibar at week’s end. We’ll take a tour of some of the area schools around Turiani we have funded and then take a few drives to see the animals in Mikumi National Park. Mount Kilamanjaro is close by and I wish I could get a glimpse of it, that would be a real treat!

I have been to Africa 2 other times: South Africa and Zimbabwe. I just love watching animals in their natural environment, its very calming and Zen. I love spotting the antelopes hiding in the deep brush and especially looking for lions! Lions can be so brazen sometimes they’ll come so close you could pet them from the side of the truck! Whilst in South Africa, the first time I went to Africa, and ever saw a Leopard was at 3am some 25 feet hovering over our truck in a tree!

That’s when the real African trek begins!

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