Journey From Dar Es Salaam To Morogoro Mountain


I woke up later than I wanted to (on my third day) and decided to have breakfast in bed, I deserve it! I got dressed, packed and ready to check out. We are off to Morogoro today around 1pm, which is the mountain district where Turiani, the town of which our school is located in. I am really excited to finally get to see the school we all contributed to!

Leaving Dar Es Salaam

Lisa and Alysa, guides from Room To Read, met me in the lobby of the hotel along with Pauline and her daughter, Christina, and Corinne and her son, Alex. There was another family from Calgary, Canada joining us we found out at the last minute –  a family of 6! Catherine and Myron T. with their 3 boys and daughter, Pascale. Thomas, our driver from Grumetti Tours, was saddled up and ready for us to jump in the Land Cruiser! We were off!

Quite a young group, I hoped the kids would understand the magnitude of this mission as we are finally getting to see where our contributions and efforts have gone for the past 2 years! You know some kids won’t take it seriously, and make jokes of locals and things they don’t understand – fingers crossed!

I rode this time with Pauline, Christina and Lisa. Pauline is an investment analyst and her daughter is an impressive busy young lady. She is only 15 years old and has already been working for Room To Read (RTR) for a year, heading her RTR Club at her high school. They encorage other girls on their school to get involved and spread the word about RTR within their communities and also host fundraisers.

We spent the time talking, getting to know one another and how we got involved. As we were driving through the edges of Dar, for short, the traffic got heavier and more frantic. Markets were buzzing, people were everywhere, weaving in and out of traffic – when we were going to get there, who knew! It was supposed to take 4 hours – geez!

Pulled In To The Police Station

About 2 hours in to the uneventful trip we hook up with the other two cars and make a pit stop at the last rest stop with a proper toilet. “Proper” meaning Parisienne style toilets with the pee-uuwwwwing too! As we pull out, we go for about a mile and a police man steps into the road and pulls us over. For what reason…things are a bit loopy in this part of the world and they made some ‘fine’ up for us to pay immediately, right there on the road. Thomas, of course, contested it! Now an hour and a half later, we were all begging him to pay the fine! We were finally dragged to the police station and talked them out of it.

4 long  hours of driving, Cashew nut snacks, water and stretching and we finally make it to Morogoro Mountain! It’s a beautiful place! Now off to bed!






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