New Year, New Me, New Butt and New Attitude!

My favorite workout place in CT! The CT Challenge Survivorship Center!


I always like to think September is the beginning of a new year because it’s the time when kids go back to school, schedules start to make more sense, the craziness of summer is gone and bad eating habits come to an end!

So, although I am not Jewish, I took the opportunity of taking an about face during last week’s Rosh Hashanah¬†Holiday. It seemed the apporpriate time to refresh and reflect as so many others celebrate life.

My bad habits have come to light, I admit I was not eating or being¬†healthy for the past year or year and a half. So, I decided to take one step at a time and make a commitment to do one sporty activity a day. This includes walking, weight lifting, treadmill, water aerobics, yoga, and pilates. I also, decided to join, their on-line tracking program. I love it because you get to see how many points each food choice has. It’s frightening even when you look at something as simple as salad dressing – did you know that Newman’s Own Olive Oil Salad Dressing has 4 points for 2 TBSPs! It sucks when you only have 26 points for the whole day! …Better choices people, better choices…

I started with a brisk walk last Thursday with my new friends over at The CT Challenge’s Survivorship Center in Southport. At 9:00, that morning, the ‘Coffee Talk Group’ as they are referred to, meet in the conference room to introduce ourselves or catch up. When we check in we get a quote of good deeds and healing words. The walk was delightful on a sunny, breezy, beautiful day and with new friends to reflect a new season.

In fact exercising felt so great, I called the local YMCA to join their Acquatics program too! I have been inspired to get back on the horse and lose weight and get in shape. Since Thursday, I have achieved 2 water aerobics classes, 2 speed walking treks, and 1 introduction to Pilates this week. Tomorrow is Coffee Walk&Talk and Friday is Tennis!

Today is my first day of and I am up to 11 points with 15 more to go and it’s only 1:30! What is for dinner?????

Note to Self:

It’s time to get up and move that butt to a better Me!





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