Who Wears Short Shorts?!!!!

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As a mother of 2 girls and a little boy in this day and age it’s hard to find creative ways to keep your kids in line and especially in a decent wardrobe without your girls knowingly flaunting it all!

I was scanning www.msnbc.com this morning and came across this video interview where a father in Los Angeles was sick of his daughter’s outfits and decided to take drastic measures to show her what she actually looked like in public. He replicated her Short Shorts by cutting his own pair of jeans to the crotch, put them on and went out to a party with the family…in public!

If I were her, I would have been mortified and NEVER put the short shorts on ever again until I was of legal age to drink! But even at that age, I would have second guessed it – those looks are saved for easy-chicks in Girls-Gone-Wild videos in cheesy beach areas with no moral compasses, absolutely no taste and have nothing better to do to show everyone their goods. Y-A-W-N! You don’t have to flaunt it to get a guy girls!

Well, of course, she was embarrassed and refused to get out of the car that night when her father went through the door!

Go, Dad Go! Good for you for taking a stand!



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