R.I.P. Poor Little Donut

When I came into the house last night after buying craft stuff, my little boy came up to me crying his eyes out and screamed “Carsen murdered Donut, Mommy!” Carsen appeared sobbing, begging for forgiveness, asking me not to¬†get mad at her. Because of all the crying, at first I thought someone was really hurt! Thank goodness no one was.

Donut is (or was) a little black and white Hamster, we got him just about 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately Carsen got him out of his cage, wanting to play with him a little while. He wriggled out of her hands and dropped to the floor, practically in the mouth of our little Dachsund named Hunney. Hunney did get him into her mouth and not knowing what it was, clamped her jaw down and squeezed a bit too hard.

Ewan, my little boy, is demanding a proper burial!

Poor little guy may he Rest In Peace!

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