So Long Donut, Hang On Marshmellow!

Poor little Donut. Kids put him in a box a few days ago after he was crushed to death by Hunney. We finally got to dig a hole tonite to bury him…well, we had no choice, the box started to smell!

This is the second severe incident with our Hamsters. We have another one named Marshmellow and he escaped out of his cage and disappeared for 4 days! I thought I had accidentally thrown him out with the trash and it’s been so cold lately, I felt horrible!

4 days later, Jeff walked down to the kitchen in the middle of the night and went to the kitchen sink to get water….poor Marshmellow was shaking as he bumped into Jeff’s big toe! It’s was almost as if he was begging to be put back inside his cage!

Poor thing hides under his bedding all day long!

Rest In Peace Donut!

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