I Am Number 6


I have been very fortunate this year with the privilege of crafting with new and more groups in Norwalk, Bridgeport and Fairfield. My newest group are the very crafty ladies at Whittingham’s Cancer Clinic at Norwalk Hospital. They have been meeting as long as 19 years back. The original organizer, Ora, has been meeting in the very same room for that long!

We were celebrating Thanksgiving early on Wednesday, everyone brought a dish to share. The spread was delicious. Maria made and brought her famous Flan; Ora mixed a scrumptious batch of her famous Chicken Noodle Soup – I still want the recipe Ora!!!! And Vera, Anna, Maria B., Olga finished up with wonderful sides and desserts. It was so delicious it was hard to stop!

My favorite part was giving thanks. Ora led the group by giving us a background of how the group originally started. A lady named Meg, who is no longer with us, started the group 19 years ago with Ora teaching different ways to meditate during their very own Chemotherapy treatments at the cancer clinic. There were quite a few women taking part in the group. Over the years, unfortunately, patients would pass. However, Ora remained the Leader of the group. Through out the years, with each meeting, the tasks have evolved. Now, we are crafting.

I was fortunate enough of a chance meeting with the Director of Cancer Services, Linda Versea, at the elementary school our children attended. She brought me in and hired me to teach the Ladies every Wednesday. While I started a few weeks ago, I have learned so much about them. They are a little older that my regular group of kids. Let’s just say they are my new Grandmothers, all 8 of them!

We have made loads of things, but this past Wednesday we wanted to make it very special. I brought my assistant, Jessica, in to share and meet the ladies too. We decided to make Lavender sachets and Lavender exfoliant bath/shower scrub, it was so much fun.

As I sat at the table, Ora took us through every art teacher they have had and what their specialties were. I found out I am number 6 which is amazing considering the length of time the group has existed over. Number 6, what a lovely number. I hope I can stay that way!

Love to you all, Happy Thanksgiving ladies, I will see you in December!

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