I Am Number 6


I have been very fortunate this year with the privilege of crafting with new and more groups in Norwalk, Bridgeport and Fairfield. My newest group are the very crafty ladies at Whittingham’s Cancer Clinic at Norwalk Hospital. They have been meeting as long as 19 years back. The original organizer, Ora, has been meeting in the very same room for that long!

We were celebrating Thanksgiving early on Wednesday, everyone brought a dish to share. The spread was delicious. Maria made and brought her famous Flan; Ora mixed a scrumptious batch of her famous Chicken Noodle Soup – I still want the recipe Ora!!!! And Vera, Anna, Maria B., Olga finished up with wonderful sides and desserts. It was so delicious it was hard to stop!

My favorite part was giving thanks. Ora led the group by giving us a background of how the group originally started. A lady named Meg, who is no longer with us, started the group 19 years ago with Ora teaching different ways to meditate during their very own Chemotherapy treatments at the cancer clinic. There were quite a few women taking part in the group. Over the years, unfortunately, patients would pass. However, Ora remained the Leader of the group. Through out the years, with each meeting, the tasks have evolved. Now, we are crafting.

I was fortunate enough of a chance meeting with the Director of Cancer Services, Linda Versea, at the elementary school our children attended. She brought me in and hired me to teach the Ladies every Wednesday. While I started a few weeks ago, I have learned so much about them. They are a little older that my regular group of kids. Let’s just say they are my new Grandmothers, all 8 of them!

We have made loads of things, but this past Wednesday we wanted to make it very special. I brought my assistant, Jessica, in to share and meet the ladies too. We decided to make Lavender sachets and Lavender exfoliant bath/shower scrub, it was so much fun.

As I sat at the table, Ora took us through every art teacher they have had and what their specialties were. I found out I am number 6 which is amazing considering the length of time the group has existed over. Number 6, what a lovely number. I hope I can stay that way!

Love to you all, Happy Thanksgiving ladies, I will see you in December!

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Merry Christmas Y’All!

My beautiful friend Jeanne knitted me a scarf for my christmas present! I am so happy to have her in my life, she is one of our Stitchers and makes such a difference in all of our lives!

Thank you Jeanne! And Thank You to all of our supporters – Wishing you the best, safest and healthiest Holidays ever!


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So Long Donut, Hang On Marshmellow!

Poor little Donut. Kids put him in a box a few days ago after he was crushed to death by Hunney. We finally got to dig a hole tonite to bury him…well, we had no choice, the box started to smell!

This is the second severe incident with our Hamsters. We have another one named Marshmellow and he escaped out of his cage and disappeared for 4 days! I thought I had accidentally thrown him out with the trash and it’s been so cold lately, I felt horrible!

4 days later, Jeff walked down to the kitchen in the middle of the night and went to the kitchen sink to get water….poor Marshmellow was shaking as he bumped into Jeff’s big toe! It’s was almost as if he was begging to be put back inside his cage!

Poor thing hides under his bedding all day long!

Rest In Peace Donut!

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R.I.P. Poor Little Donut

When I came into the house last night after buying craft stuff, my little boy came up to me crying his eyes out and screamed “Carsen murdered Donut, Mommy!” Carsen appeared sobbing, begging for forgiveness, asking me not to get mad at her. Because of all the crying, at first I thought someone was really hurt! Thank goodness no one was.

Donut is (or was) a little black and white Hamster, we got him just about 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately Carsen got him out of his cage, wanting to play with him a little while. He wriggled out of her hands and dropped to the floor, practically in the mouth of our little Dachsund named Hunney. Hunney did get him into her mouth and not knowing what it was, clamped her jaw down and squeezed a bit too hard.

Ewan, my little boy, is demanding a proper burial!

Poor little guy may he Rest In Peace!

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BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH: Wiggle&Giggle is This Weekend!


Wiggling Your Way To Good Deeds!

Please please please, mark your calendars to support Wiggle & Giggle this weekend on Saturday the 5th from 10:00am to 2:00pm.

We have prize games, activities, PPPP goodies and the first ever Wiggle & Giggle Cafe!

The Pink Pom-Pom Project is raising money and awareness in honour of The Norma Pfriem Breast Care Center in Fairfield. This organization supports impoverished women who cannot afford to take care of themselves during cancer treatments. They handle things from rent to even waling dogs to carpooling patients to and from treatments. It’s a fantastic organization – directly through Bridgeport Hospital – and should be known and supported!

We hope to make as mush money as can to help!

CLICK HERE to purchase tickets for prized events. There are great FREE activities too!

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17 Days Until Wiggle&Giggle Fundraising Family Day Out!

Wiggling Your Way To Good Deeds!

We are officially 17 days away from The Pink Pom-Pom Project’s very first fundraiser – Wiggle&Giggle – Wiggle Your Way To Good Deeds!

We have loads of fun activities organized and lots of prizes and awards to win for kids ages 6 years+. We have FREE and ticketed games and activities, face painting, a little square’s raffle, The W&G Cafe and Bake Sale! There’s something for everyone!

Our beneficiary charity is The Norma Pfriem Breast Care Center in Fairfield, CT. The NPBCC offers assistance to local impoverished women who cannot support themselves during cancer treatments. It’s a wonderful organization and one we support 100%!!!

Mark your calendars for October 5th from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Location is St Anthony of Padua’s Church, 419 South Pine Creek Road, Fairfield (Off of Post Road)

Monies from the prize-winning activities will go directly to support both The Norma Pfriem Breast Care Center and The Pink Pom-Pom Project. To purchase tickets here:


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Who Wears Short Shorts?!!!!

Click on image to play video interview

As a mother of 2 girls and a little boy in this day and age it’s hard to find creative ways to keep your kids in line and especially in a decent wardrobe without your girls knowingly flaunting it all!

I was scanning this morning and came across this video interview where a father in Los Angeles was sick of his daughter’s outfits and decided to take drastic measures to show her what she actually looked like in public. He replicated her Short Shorts by cutting his own pair of jeans to the crotch, put them on and went out to a party with the family…in public!

If I were her, I would have been mortified and NEVER put the short shorts on ever again until I was of legal age to drink! But even at that age, I would have second guessed it – those looks are saved for easy-chicks in Girls-Gone-Wild videos in cheesy beach areas with no moral compasses, absolutely no taste and have nothing better to do to show everyone their goods. Y-A-W-N! You don’t have to flaunt it to get a guy girls!

Well, of course, she was embarrassed and refused to get out of the car that night when her father went through the door!

Go, Dad Go! Good for you for taking a stand!



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New Year, New Me, New Butt and New Attitude!

My favorite workout place in CT! The CT Challenge Survivorship Center!


I always like to think September is the beginning of a new year because it’s the time when kids go back to school, schedules start to make more sense, the craziness of summer is gone and bad eating habits come to an end!

So, although I am not Jewish, I took the opportunity of taking an about face during last week’s Rosh Hashanah Holiday. It seemed the apporpriate time to refresh and reflect as so many others celebrate life.

My bad habits have come to light, I admit I was not eating or being healthy for the past year or year and a half. So, I decided to take one step at a time and make a commitment to do one sporty activity a day. This includes walking, weight lifting, treadmill, water aerobics, yoga, and pilates. I also, decided to join, their on-line tracking program. I love it because you get to see how many points each food choice has. It’s frightening even when you look at something as simple as salad dressing – did you know that Newman’s Own Olive Oil Salad Dressing has 4 points for 2 TBSPs! It sucks when you only have 26 points for the whole day! …Better choices people, better choices…

I started with a brisk walk last Thursday with my new friends over at The CT Challenge’s Survivorship Center in Southport. At 9:00, that morning, the ‘Coffee Talk Group’ as they are referred to, meet in the conference room to introduce ourselves or catch up. When we check in we get a quote of good deeds and healing words. The walk was delightful on a sunny, breezy, beautiful day and with new friends to reflect a new season.

In fact exercising felt so great, I called the local YMCA to join their Acquatics program too! I have been inspired to get back on the horse and lose weight and get in shape. Since Thursday, I have achieved 2 water aerobics classes, 2 speed walking treks, and 1 introduction to Pilates this week. Tomorrow is Coffee Walk&Talk and Friday is Tennis!

Today is my first day of and I am up to 11 points with 15 more to go and it’s only 1:30! What is for dinner?????

Note to Self:

It’s time to get up and move that butt to a better Me!





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WE NEED YOU!!!!! Looking For Volunteers for Wiggle&Giggle!

Hi Loyal Followers! We are looking for Volunteers to help with our first ever Fundraiser called ‘Wiggle&Giggle – Wiggle Your Way To Good Deeds’ – it’s a Hoop-A-Thon of sorts with loads of fun events that involve hula hooping and prizes to win!

We are looking for 25-30 energetic individuals who have worked with kids before, ages 5 to 14 years. We have about 8 different activities that need to be manned including Facepainting and the W&G Cafe!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider yourself or pass this along to someone you know or a friends’ teenager or HS student who needs to earn Volunteering hours to graduate in 2014!

Details are:

Date: October 5th, Saturday

Time: 9:00-3:00pm – this is set-up and break down times; event is 10-2pm.

Place: St Anthony of Padua’s Church, South Pine Creek Road, Fairfield 06824

Activities include: Longest Hoop, Family Hoop Relays, Hoop Tossing, Darts for Prizes, Facepainting, Arts&Crafts, The W&G Cafe adn PPPP Bake Sale and Merchandise table.

Proceeds will go to benefit The Norma Pfriem Breast Care Center and The Pink Pom-Pom Project.

The Norma Pfriem Breast Care Center provides financial, emotional and psychological stability to impoverished women who cannot provide for themselves during cancer treatments. It’s a fantastic charity and we support it 100%!

Click here for more information: THE NORMA PFRIEM BREAST CARE CENTER

Please consider yourself or have your friends call me, Alex, direct at 203-955-1099!

It’s time to earn your stripes!



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Journey From Dar Es Salaam To Morogoro Mountain


I woke up later than I wanted to (on my third day) and decided to have breakfast in bed, I deserve it! I got dressed, packed and ready to check out. We are off to Morogoro today around 1pm, which is the mountain district where Turiani, the town of which our school is located in. I am really excited to finally get to see the school we all contributed to!

Leaving Dar Es Salaam

Lisa and Alysa, guides from Room To Read, met me in the lobby of the hotel along with Pauline and her daughter, Christina, and Corinne and her son, Alex. There was another family from Calgary, Canada joining us we found out at the last minute –  a family of 6! Catherine and Myron T. with their 3 boys and daughter, Pascale. Thomas, our driver from Grumetti Tours, was saddled up and ready for us to jump in the Land Cruiser! We were off!

Quite a young group, I hoped the kids would understand the magnitude of this mission as we are finally getting to see where our contributions and efforts have gone for the past 2 years! You know some kids won’t take it seriously, and make jokes of locals and things they don’t understand – fingers crossed!

I rode this time with Pauline, Christina and Lisa. Pauline is an investment analyst and her daughter is an impressive busy young lady. She is only 15 years old and has already been working for Room To Read (RTR) for a year, heading her RTR Club at her high school. They encorage other girls on their school to get involved and spread the word about RTR within their communities and also host fundraisers.

We spent the time talking, getting to know one another and how we got involved. As we were driving through the edges of Dar, for short, the traffic got heavier and more frantic. Markets were buzzing, people were everywhere, weaving in and out of traffic – when we were going to get there, who knew! It was supposed to take 4 hours – geez!

Pulled In To The Police Station

About 2 hours in to the uneventful trip we hook up with the other two cars and make a pit stop at the last rest stop with a proper toilet. “Proper” meaning Parisienne style toilets with the pee-uuwwwwing too! As we pull out, we go for about a mile and a police man steps into the road and pulls us over. For what reason…things are a bit loopy in this part of the world and they made some ‘fine’ up for us to pay immediately, right there on the road. Thomas, of course, contested it! Now an hour and a half later, we were all begging him to pay the fine! We were finally dragged to the police station and talked them out of it.

4 long  hours of driving, Cashew nut snacks, water and stretching and we finally make it to Morogoro Mountain! It’s a beautiful place! Now off to bed!






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