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17 Days Until Wiggle&Giggle Fundraising Family Day Out!

Wiggling Your Way To Good Deeds!

We are officially 17 days away from The Pink Pom-Pom Project’s very first fundraiser – Wiggle&Giggle – Wiggle Your Way To Good Deeds!

We have loads of fun activities organized and lots of prizes and awards to win for kids ages 6 years+. We have FREE and ticketed games and activities, face painting, a little square’s raffle, The W&G Cafe and Bake Sale! There’s something for everyone!

Our beneficiary charity is The Norma Pfriem Breast Care Center in Fairfield, CT. The NPBCC offers assistance to local impoverished women who cannot support themselves during cancer treatments. It’s a wonderful organization and one we support 100%!!!

Mark your calendars for October 5th from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Location is St Anthony of Padua’s Church, 419 South Pine Creek Road, Fairfield (Off of Post Road)

Monies from the prize-winning activities will go directly to support both The Norma Pfriem Breast Care Center and The Pink Pom-Pom Project. To purchase tickets here:


January’s Winner of The Knitting Magazine Subscription!

Well, 2012 has started with an amazing bang – we have another winner for one of our fantastic prizes! A year’s subscription to Knitting Magazine! Our lucky winner is a brand new crafter/knitter and a fellow Breast Cancer survivor and currently undergoing cancer treatment.

A brave sole looking at life through another set of rose coloured glasses. Her name is Callie C. from Wimbledon and she has just picked up knitting. She received one of our hats through The Haven in Fulham and was so grateful, she volunteered to make one for another patient! And this is how the chain starts, we knew it would work, and it has!

Thank you Callie, you have given back more than you know!

We love and support you in your treatments, please know you are blessed and we look forward to hearing all about you, your journey and your crafting updates!


Alex Currie

Sewing Machine Giveaway from The Pink Pom-Pom Project!

Okay this is where we need everyone’s help – we need to spread the word about The Pink Pom-Po Project (PPPP) newsletter and fast! And how do we do it? We are offering FREE giveaways and awesome ones at that!

Each new subscriber is collected and put into a lottery where names will be drawn on the 1st of December 2011. We will reveal the three winners then! (Click here to get to the newsletter)

For those of you who want to do more, e-mail me at with a list of names of your friends who have already signed up through you and we will put you in a further lottery to win a set of three fabulous tote bags worth £66.00!

CLICK HERE to sign up!

Dippity Do Dah, Dippity Dye!

Dip Dying Your Way to new Fashion Heights!

My oh my what a fabulous eye! Okay, that was very corny, but look at what’s up today!!! Martha Stewart is one of my favourite daily newsletters to date – her staff of crafters are incredibly crafty and modern, they always make crafting look good, easy and fun! And such is with this fabulous dip-dying technique with T-shirts and otehr items you wish to change or modernize!

All you need is a large plastic storage bin or galvanized-steel bin, wooden stir stick, an all-purpose liquid dye, a sample fabric or paper towel, box of sewing pins, and Synthrapol detergent (optional).

Items for dying can range from t-shirts, skirts, to pillow covers to blankets or even make some really funky cocktail napkins – they’re always a hit! Shop from The Gap, H&M, M&S (UK), or even American Apparel to find some reasonably priced white or cream clothing to start with and move onto more difficult items. The list is endless!


Happy dipping!

You Say It’s Your Birthday…Bar Miztvah?…Graduation?

Martha Stewart Party Hats

Buddah-buddah-bow-bow! It’s my birthday too yay! That hit song from The Beatles hit me instantly when I was alerted of these fabulous photo party hats from Martha Stewart‘s daily newsletter. Their not just for birthdays, but any celebratory occasion!

All you need is a cutting matt, craft or Exacto knife, stretchy elastic string, Magic Tape, either stick-on or your own handmade bow, and the hat template provided in link below:


Have Fun and Happy Celebrating!

Stencil Me In Stencilled T-shirt

I am still abroad and won’t be back in London until end of summer so I am doing a lot of research on-line and finding all sorts of fabulous websites and crafts. Today, I was sent a fabulous idea from about easy stencilling ideas. Try this to spruce up t-shirts, skirts, halter tops or try something for outdoor patio parties like tablecloths and napkins! There’s always something around that needs a face lift!

Stencil with Doilies

STENCIL IDEAS – Just click on word below: Images like Hawk, Cactus, Diamond, Stripes and Doilies.

Crafting Website references:;; (free stencils – donations appreciated);



Block Out For Blocking Out

CUSTHOM teaches Masterclass at The Papered Parlour

CALLING ALL ARTIES: Mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen! September 25th is an exclusive opportunity to learn from masters in Block Printing from CUSTHOM at The Papered Parlour in London. They are teaching this Masterclass to a limited number so act quickly!

Click here to secure your place: The Papered Parlour 25th September


Cool Bracelets and Such…

OMG I love to GOOGLE and stumble across talents like this! Well we all know that Chan Luu single-handedly started this fabulous trend a few years back and now it has surfaced as a must have – it’s the decorative wrap bracelet.

I came across and one of their articles published just last week by Erica and thought I’d pass this along to share!

Happy Wrapping!

DIY Wrap Bracelet Tutorial