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January’s Winner of The Knitting Magazine Subscription!

Well, 2012 has started with an amazing bang – we have another winner for one of our fantastic prizes! A year’s subscription to Knitting Magazine! Our lucky winner is a brand new crafter/knitter and a fellow Breast Cancer survivor and currently undergoing cancer treatment.

A brave sole looking at life through another set of rose coloured glasses. Her name is Callie C. from Wimbledon and she has just picked up knitting. She received one of our hats through The Haven in Fulham and was so grateful, she volunteered to make one for another patient! And this is how the chain starts, we knew it would work, and it has!

Thank you Callie, you have given back more than you know!

We love and support you in your treatments, please know you are blessed and we look forward to hearing all about you, your journey and your crafting updates!


Alex Currie

WIN a Year’s Subscription to Knitting Magazine!

There’s a lot of love out there this year and we know this because we got an e-mail from Knitting Magazine about The Pink Pom-Pom Project who not only are doing a piece on the project but also offered a full year’s subscription of Knitting Magazine.

We are asking our reader’s to participate in yet another GIVEAWAY. However, this time, we want to hear about how YOU or there you know help in the community, care clinics or hospitals. It’s all about volunteering and reaching out to help others in need who cannot help themselves!

Please write about yourself or someone you know and send their/your stories to The winner will be announced on 1st of January – GOOD luck!!!!


Haven Display

Most of our donations get distributed through The Haven Breast Cancer Support Center. When you walk into the building you can find our display area which is always filled with hats and scarves, not to mention pillows, brooches and all sorts of other home made goods.