Here at the PPP we are big into crafting.

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But for those of you who are not to sure about taking up crafting for the first time or getting back into it, let me try to persuade you to pick up those needles by sharing with you our crafting joys.

  • It’s a lost art. There were times when everyone made their own sweaters and darned their old socks, but say crafting now a days and people imagine old crones lit by ear wax candles make reindeer jumpers that she shall inflict upon you during the holiday season. It can be more then that, IT IS more then that. Crafting is a huge umbrella term used to denote everything from knitting and quilting, to making your own earrings and table runners. there is something for everyone of all skill levels to make in the world of crafting.
  • It’s therapeutic. Crafting is an inherently slow process, but the end result is always worth while. By slowly building towards a finished piece crafting gives you a sense of control and accomplishment. you can craft while watching t.v. chatting to friends or sitting on the train, where and how you can craft is limited only by your imagination.
  • It’s environmentally and socially friendly. Recycling old garments for material helps cut down on waste. Home made crafted projects often stick around longer as well. No one ever seems able to throw out their first sweater, or cushion cover either; crafts no matter how tattered they get stay around because we love them.
  • Lastly, it’s fun. Wearing and using your own garments and tools is great. It helps you feel unique and confident as well as talented. But you can also give these gifts to friends and family and everyone loves something that is handmade and special.

We hope these few reasons, (there are many more) get you pumped up about crafting. remember it is suppose to be fun and it takes a while to get really skilled so don’t worry if you first few projects come out resembling things that have been through a food processor. It’s always about the journey and you learn something from every mistake!