The Pom Pom Project Boxes

The beauty about starting a small project is that new ideas can come alive very quickly. From The Pink Pom Pom Party in January came The Playdate Party Box. And then more recently, The School Club Box and then The Stitch & Bitch Party Box. It’s our way of spreading our mission quickly and getting more people involved.

The goal at the moment for The Pink Pom Pom Project is to provide The Haven, a Breast Cancer Support Center, located here in London, with finished head coverings for their patients undergoing Chemotherapy and other Cancer treatments.

Each box has a mix of projects from decorating hats and scarves to stylizing bandanas. The layout of the event or school project is completely up to the Hostess or Teachers. However, we just require one thing – that everyone have fun with this!

Please feel free to contact Alex Currie, Founder of The Pink Pom Pom Project, for additional ideas for your event, but you can see and read about the party in this category too!

After your party, please remember to have each maker write a note or sign a card for their item(s). Use the large pre-paid, addressed envelope to return the finished items so that we may send them along to The Haven Breast Cancer Support Center.

Write to for your Project Box today! And thank you for your support! Remember…

To Warm A Head Is To Warm A Heart

* Please know for the moment this is a London/UK project only. We are currently in the process of reaching out and getting ourselves organised in other branches of The United States. We appreciate the enthusiasm and are excited you are with us! We will keep you posted on our progress!