In Honor Of…

Welcome to ‘In Honor Of…’ at The Pink Pom-Pom Project. Here we recognize those strong soldiers who have been inflicted with or succumbed to this dreadful disease we call Cancer. Surviving relatives and friends have paid tribute by donating funds to help support our cause – a crafting for cancer therapy initiative providing creative workshops to less fortunate and cancer survivors as a means of emotional support and therapy.

If you know someone that has been inflicted or has died from Cancer, this is a great way to recognize their fight! We teach children, survivors, friends and family the importance of therapy through the use of their hands to create things they are proud of. We teach out of the box crafting, where these skills will help their futures.

We hope you will support The Pink Pom-Pom Project!

To donate, write Alex at and or call 203-955-1099 and we will take your donation over the phone.

God Bless!

Alexandra Wallace-Currie
Founder, The Pink Pom-Pom Project

DonorMargot NewkirchenIn Honor OfWendy Rodriguez

DonorOlivia CharneyIn Honor OfLynn Charney and Ane Divenere

DonorAnn OwensIn Honor OfSusan Richter

DonorHeather KreitlerIn Honor OfAmy Nessel

DonorLee Ann DwyerIn Honor OfKathy Kiffmeyer

DonorErica AsaroIn Honor OfWayne Peterson

DonorJackie KeehanIn Honor OfAmy Nessel

DonorElizabeth CollinsIn Honor OfKevin Collins

DonorAnne EstelleIn Honor OfPriscilla Cochrane

DonorAlloe StokesIn Honor OfJohn W. Stokes

DonorDana ColangeloIn Honor OfFrank Bria

DonorKass MayerIn Honor OfJudy